Sunday, March 1, 2009

S&W, Session 4

We hired ourselves three fighting men and one thief. We ran into a cockatrice on the way to the dungeon and the fucking thief got petrified. The thief was actually the hireling I wanted most. I swore a lot. On a brighter note, Cedric the Pious reached level 2 and can now cast spells. Well, one spell a day, anyway.

Our DM continues to flirt with the idea of going full on Labyrinth Lord, since we seem to have to consult it several times a session. The discrepancies between armor weight and cost between the two games is sometimes quite eye-popping. Also, there do not seem to be any polearms in S&W...and we can't have that, precious. The DM seems to dig on the one saving throw concept in S&W, so I think the game will remain a hybrid for now.
Also, max roll on new hit points. Holler.

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