Sunday, March 15, 2009

S&W, Session 5


-Nobody died, not even any hirelings!
-We got a pet robot!
-Just when we were starting to worry about sandbox ADD, we find a portal to another world.
-Nobody died!
-At the rate we are going, I will be level 3 well before the elves are level 2.
-I am really glad OD&D does not have the Good/Evil axis on alignment.
-Seriously, nobody died.
-Cedric the Pious cast his first spell ever. It was, of course, cure light wounds.


  1. A term coined by a friend and fellow player. We've noticed that groups who play in an "open" campaign with no plot often seem to develop Attention Deficit Disorder and just sort of bounce around the campaign world without any real goals or long term planning.

  2. Hey Ryan, it's Amos!

    I've been reading a bunch of OD&D blogs, like Grognardia, and I stumbled on yours. It's pimparian! I run OD&D also, with lots and lots of reinvented wheels to roll it along. Because, I dunno, thats how I roll? Miss you lots. I'll be reading!
    P.S. Opperation mo' gamin'

  3. Hey! Good to hear from you!
    Yeah, I started this blog around the beginning of the year when I started getting back into old D&D again... before that, I hadn't played it since that game I ran with you and Glenn and all the rest.

    We'll have to compare notes sometime. I like to see how people change the game. Who are you playing with these days?

    Also, I like this word, "pimparian."

  4. My changes are extensive and not very oldschool. In general they make players more powerful and make the action significantly more swashbuckling-inspired. I suspect you could have guessed that. I also have a spontaneous magic system based on Ars Magicka, which naturally has turned the game on its ear more than once.

    I'm writing them all up and when I'm done in 10 years I send you a copy.

    I play with Cheetah (aka chris y), Josh (bro), Preston (your hero), and 6 others you don't know(2 of which are ladies). It's a big group but it's down from the high-point of 12 I had.