Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Contemplation: Thief-Acrobat vs. stand alone Acrobat

I like the idea of the Thief-Acrobat. However, I'm sort of stuck on the idea of making it a class unto itself rather than a "split class specialist" (I believe that is the term used in UA.) Last night I was tinkering with the class, and wrote it up as a level 1 to level 20 class unto its own right rather than starting at level 6 and progressing to level 23.

I was going to post it, but then I took a second look at the class and thought, "Is this something that someone would really want to play?" As written, the thief-acrobat is a thief who has traded some abilities for others. However, as a stand alone class, the acrobat is just a guy who can propel himself through the air in various ways. Ok, he has a few abilities beyond that, but you get the idea.

Perhaps I will post the class as I have written it up, but from where I'm sitting now, it just doesn't seem like something that stands on its own very well.


  1. An acrobat class in my imagination would be along the lines of Diana in the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon or Zula in Conan the Destroyer. Definitely not a broad archetype, but I can see it working as a corner case subclass.

  2. I played one, and it was really fun! However they are mostly limited in scope to city-based games, and work best as 1-on-1 games, but I've played it with others, while it did limit my mobility it did get us into places where we normally wouldn't be able to go.

    The Thief/acrobat from UA is a bit over the top, way to strong. 2e calmed it down a bit and made the sub-class more playable. At least I think so.

    They make great scouts, and of course badguys for DMs, if one decides to run, chances are you'll never see them again.