Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's Like They Aren't Even Trying Anymore

This post is about twelve hours late, but it has been a busy day.

After my earlier acquisition of the Rolemaster treasure trove, our intrepid crew bounced from the used bookstore to the local gaming/comic/anime store. Therein, while the wife was browsing Pride and Prejudice comic books (I shit you not), I was overcome by that sort of curiosity that normally only comes up when one is driving past a multiple car pile-up on the interstate. I had to take a gander at the official D&D 4th edition miniatures. The hero figures, they touted, were now open and visible and you could see what you were buying! (Fucking imagine that) least three of the models were palette swaps of the older D&D Minis game. Ah, I noticed a fairly generic mini I used to use for spellcasters once upon a time... well, apparently so did WotC, because now she has a slightly different coat of paint and is in the arcane heroes pack.

Rock n' Roll, WotC!

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