Sunday, May 24, 2009

More House Rule Resolutions

-Barbarian has been reworked. He no longer refuses to associate with spellcasters, but refuses magic from them. (Clerics until level 2, Magic-users until level 6 or whatever is in Unearthed Arcana) Beneficial spells are refused. If a spell is cast on him against his will, he has to save vs. spell to avoid attacking the caster. (Though if it's a comrade he generally won't kill him, just hurt him until restrained)

-No summoner class to start, though I may write up one eventually.

-No variant clerics. Most of the known kingdoms of humans worship a monotheistic religion. There might be other religions, but the clerics will be mostly the same.

-The cleric is still around, though I am working on a mystical healer class. This class doesn't have much appeal to the players, but I might have them around in the setting for hire.

-No injury table, but the PC can save vs. death with a penalty to fight on after reaching 0 or negative hp. Characters at -hp have a chance of dying, worsening, or remaining the same every round until tended to. Monsters and NPCs might die at zero automatically per DM's discretion.

-Nonweapon Proficiencies will be handled using a bastardized version of the Hackmaster skill system. These are meant to provide a little flavor/background more than anything. Characters use the base BP of their Hackmaster equivalent class and can buy only skills. Many of the skills are unavailable, particularly parody skills (Advanced Looting), Combat Procedures, and other skills at my discretion.

So, of my original list (which I have been updating), that leaves only two things to take care of: rewriting the bard to be a 1st level class, and language diversity. So far I've made up a few languages and decided to take the bard mainly from 2e and Hackmaster, though his spell list needs to be reworked. (I want the bard to be more druidic and not just use magic-user spells.) A book I am currently reading on the history of the English language is tempting me to make the languages far more complex than they need to be. I think I can reign that in, though I at least would like to name the languages instead of having them be "orc" or "giant" or whatever.

Now that most of this is taken care of, it is time to get serious about world building. I think I'm going to take the bottom up approach this time.

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