Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick House Rule Resolution

No Social Class.
I can see that some players might enjoy the detail, (or just be hoping that they start out high class and have more money) but right now the way I see adventurers, they exist outside the normal social structure. They generally have no roots, establishing them only when they are powerful enough to build a stronghold. For the most part, they do not engage in any useful trades. (Unless you count thuggery and pillaging ruins as useful trades, that is)

Basically, the characters are small scale mercenaries and treasure hunters until they amass enough wealth and power to become landholders. Most normal folk do not enjoy that kind of upward mobility... then again, normal people don't slog through dank corridors filled with pit traps and gelatinous cubes, or hang around the tavern hoping to get hired to trounce bandits.

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