Monday, May 25, 2009

Some Thoughts

I have read the recent back and forth and I am not going to get into it. I'm not actually interested in defining "old school." If you want to try it, pull up a chair to my AD&D game I'm starting. If you like it, great. If you don't, well... go back to whatever it is that ballasts your submarine. Say hi to the PHB3 for me.

The discussion has, however, stirred up some related thought tangents:

AD&D First Edition books started hitting the shelves in 1978. I was't even a glimmer in my pappy's eye at that time. When I started gaming, it was 1991 and AD&D 2nd edition was in full swing.

So, how can my preference of AD&D 1st edition be nostalgia? How can I be nostalgic for something I never experienced when it was contemporary? If in fact my desire to play rpgs of the old style were fueled by nostalgia, why wouldn't I retreat to 2nd edition, or perhaps the Rules Cyclopedia I got for my 12th birthday? Why did I drop money on Gamma World 2nd edition when 4th edition was what I actually played in my youth?


Today I was lurking in the gaming section of the local Half Price Books, as I am wont to do. There has been a copy of Palladium's Nightspawn core book sitting there for at least several months now. In fact, it might be upwards of a year now.

I hate the Palladium rule system with an intense, burning passion. I hate the rules so damn much that I cannot run a Palladium game. Why oh why did they get the Robotech license? (Short answer: because they paid for it)
...and why does Nightspawn need rules for tactical military gear? In a game about sorcery and occult forces and crazy ass shape shifters... do I really need page space dedicated to the stats for night vision goggles?

Despite hating Palladium, I do have a copy of Ninjas & Superspies, which I think I bought just to prove to myself that it exists and it isn't some hallucination or joke.


Which reminds me... why are there rules for aerial vehicle combat in All Flesh Must Be Eaten? I guess they only take up one column on one page, but still... has anyone ever run a game of AFMBE and actually had this come up?


  1. "Say hi to the PHB3 for me."Love it.

  2. I'm a big believer that games should only have rules covering what the game is about - no more, no less.