Friday, June 26, 2009

Have Traveller, Will Travel

Today I was at the LGS and I happened to have a fully punched customer loyalty card, which is good for 20% off my total purchase. Well, since I was buying some comics for the missus, I decided to also get myself the Mongoose version of Traveller. I picked up the pocket size, not only because it's cheaper but because I love portable little game books like that. (Savage Worlds Explorer Edition and Traveller Pocket could probably fit into the cargo pocket of my ridiculously large cargo pants)

...this book is hot, hot, hot. It's well organized, I like the character artwork, and it has everything I need to run sci-fi adventure in 188 pages. It has virtually nothing of the Third Imperium, but I'm okay with that because I'd love to make my own galaxies. Well, on second has the aliens from the Third Imperium, but it also has guidelines for making your own aliens. Also: Iron Man character generation as an optional rule. Love it.

The entries on this blog would suggest that, when not gaming or blogging, I do little but bounce between the used book store and the LGS... which, aside from learning a martial art, really is just about all I do. :P

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