Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nightbanespawn Stuff

Ok, you got me... I think the setting for Nightspawn/bane is a darn cool setting, no matter what I think about the Palladium rules system. Today I was back at the used book store (Imagine that!) when I stumbled across world books 1, 2, and 3 for Nightbane. (I guess only the core book ever had the original name.) I picked up the third book because it deals with magic and how dangerous magic is. It also seems to be a sub-game that focuses on human magic-users in the world of Nightbanespawn. If I take away nothing else, I like how the book deals with magic as a malevolent, living, dangerous thing. If I believe my beloved old D&D to have any major flaws, it is that magic use is very safe and very predictable for the most part. Yes, some spells will jack you up like haste, but the consequences are known beforehand. I like a magic system with a little bite to it. I had considered doing something like that for my AD&D game, but at some point I had to stop tinkering and just run the damn thing... plus, Vancian magic suggests that most spells are safely developed rotes anyway. (That's an entirely different post, methinks.)

Anyhoo, I would have just bought all three, but the missus and I have spent quite a lot of money on books, comic, and gaming stuff this weekend. However, I do get paid this Friday, and I believe I might pick up one or both of the remaining world books.

I have a tiny idea in the back of my mind to convert Nightspawnbane to WoD, Fudge, or some other system, but that will have to go on the back burner...actually, the back burner is full...I'm going to have to put it in the side burner on the grill out back... for the time being, the focus is firmly on my AD&D campaign. (Still got to come to a satisfying conclusion on experience, but again, that's another post.)

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