Sunday, June 7, 2009

Old Dragon Issues

Today I decided to loiter at my LGS (I have deliberately excluded the F in this acronym due to a number of reasons.) The used games section was looking a little picked through and currently published games have little to offer me at the moment, but I did chance upon a few old issues of Dragon that I picked up:

-Issue #109, with the customized character class article for basic D&D

-Issue #130, with an alchemist NPC class that, with a little modification, would work just fine as a PC class and might save me a lot of work writing one up on my own.

-Issue #142, just because it contains a preview of the upcoming AD&D 2nd edition and such a thing was too good to pass up. I was surprised to find some additions to the Cyclopedia mass combat system, plus a mass combat system for Gamma World, presumably 2nd or 3rd edition. I noticed there is some material for Star Frontiers and Traveller, though I haven't had a chance to read those parts yet.

I might start picking up one or two old issues every week. I love the "odds and ends" style of the old magazines.


  1. Nice find! 109 and 130 are two of my favorites. The stuff in the Ares section was usually good, and did a lot to keep my old Star Frontiers games going.

  2. It's funny, Troll... I'd actually done a little hunting for issue 109some time ago, without success... and here I found it completely by accident. Who knows what I might find when I return this weekend?