Tuesday, July 14, 2009

AD&D: First Death and Other Setbacks

Tonight one of the characters in my game died. Actually, if not for some incredibly lucky rolls, half the party could well have died.

In another setback, paranoia lead them to accidentally ambush a party of good dwarves, killing them. One of the players suggested that the character death that came after was karma...

I set up a Lurker Above in the dungeon. (A modified version, anyway) The denizens of the dungeon had concocted a special fungal paste which, when smeared on someone, repulses the Lurker from dropping on them. The player characters missed the clues, and as a result, one of them was killed. They managed to slay the thing, with 63 hp and a to-hit AC 0 of 10... quite an impressive feat.

Since they did kill a big monster with much higher hit die and some nasty special abilities, I let the dice fall where they may for treasure, and if they can find a way to transport it, they stand to receive quite a bit of money and experience.

I did not fudge, not one way or the other.


  1. So sad I was only there in spirit. When is the memorial service for Keldrond?

  2. Wow...a "lurker above." THAT is a total blast-from-the-past. And a vicious monster for low-level characters...I salute you, sir!

    I am a firm believer in gaming karma...I have observed it many times over the years, whether in the RPG world or on the Blood Bowl pitch. Let players be warned!

  3. It was a vicious monster, but I gave them a way to avoid it. They unfortunately did not stumble upon that way.

    I'm now hip to the idea of unbeatable, or nearly unbeatable, monsters that can be circumvented in some way. However, if the PCs take on a tough challenge and win, I will reward them fairly.