Thursday, July 9, 2009

Blah Blah Hobby Blah Blah Mental Illness...

Ok, so I have added the Palladium Fantasy RPG (2nd edition) to my collection of fantasy games. My collection is likely small compared to others, but I now possess:

-D&D (Cyclopedic)
-AD&D edtions 1st and 2nd
-D&D 3.5 (only because my wife won't let me sell or burn them)
-D&D 4th edition (which my wife is encouraging me to sell or burn)
-Hackmaster (the "4th" edition)
-The Riddle of Steel
-Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, editions 1st and 2nd
-Rolemaster 2nd edition
-If you count it, Dungeons & Zombies, the fantasy supplement for All Flesh Must Be Eaten
-PDFs of Microlites d20 and '74, Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, Basic Fantasy RPG, OSRIC 2.0, and Barbarians of Lemuria
-Palladium Fantasy 2nd edition (Well, it's in the mail, anyway)

In addition to these, I would very much like to acquire Hackmaster Basic and possibly Wayfarers. (Unlikely given the Wayfarers price tag)

I'm not sure why I'm on this bizarre mission to have so many fantasy games, especially when the only one I am running at the present time is AD&D 1st edition.

Yes, I probably should be committed, but at least I own up to it.


  1. You should pick up Ars Magica 4th edition (free download from Atlas). It really is an excellent game...and did I mention, free?

    Password: FABLE!

  2. What makes the 4th edition the one to get?
    (Just curious)

  3.'s free.
    : )

    Seriously, though...the 3rd edition was published by White Wolf, and was a bit "top-heavy" for my taste...the merits/flaws system was on steroids.

    The 4th and 5th edition are from Atlas games (makers of mighty fine RPGs like Over The Edge). The system is very toned down and immensely playable. It's well supported and all source books for the 4th edition are compatible with the 5th (so they say).

    Ars is refreshingly great for a mage-centric, historic/mythic Europe setting. 4th edition gives equal footing to folks that are less concerned with the magi characters.

    As for the first two editions...never owned or played 'em, so can't say much.

  4. I will download that promptly, good sir.

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