Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blog Bitchiness: A Casual Observation

Ok, so Jonathan Tweet thinks ascending AC is better than descending. There has been quite a bit of squawking over it these past few days.

In addition, there have been some negative vibes and much wailing and gnashing of teeth surrounding James Mihsner's epitaph for the RPG industry, which is supposedly circling the drain along with our economy and perhaps entire civilization. Erik Mona from Paizo takes issue that he was apparently called out for making the Pathfinder PDF quite inexpensive. (If I still wanted anything to do with d20 fantasy games, I'd probably hit that shit like a pinata on Cinco de Mayo... but I have moved on to older pastures. Still, I appreciate what he's doing.)

Anyway, it seems to me that there is a cyclic flow to this corner of blogworld... there's a flow of idea, periodically the flow becomes an eddy of self-referentiality as someone stokes someone else's imagination on some aspect of the hobby or the game, though the eddies are always relatively short lived and we go back to the idiosyncrasies of each individual blog: Timeshadows developing Utrusk, James M. reviewing and interviewing and being historian, Jim Raggi working on his publishing venture and being a lovably cranky bastard, Ripper posting his editorial-like observations, Alexis being the scholar... the stuff that brings me back everyday.

However, once in awhile the eddy is formed because someone insults someone, or is perceived to have insulted someone (or some edition, or some aspect of some edition), and then the self-referential eddy becomes a storm in a teacup of angry nerds. Generally it peaks after a couple of days and we return to the usual flow of ideas. Usually I try to stay neutral, though I have been known to gently antagonize because sometimes I am spiteful and capricious. (I like to think its part of my charm, personally.)

I guess this is just an observation from a relatively recent comer to the blog scene. (About six months, now) Personally, I like the flow of ideas phase better, if only because half the blogs I follow aren't talking about the same topic. This will blow over, as they always do, until someone make a clever diagram showing that X edition has Y qualities, or makes a declaration about the state of the industry, or pokes the Edition War hornet's nest.

Make no mistake; I love this little corner of the internet. I look forward to seeing this dual-eddy swirl itself out soon. other new, the local convention is tomorrow, and the missus and I are trying to deal with our growing anticipation. Of course, I still have a few things to nail down for my Temple of Zirugar module. (Which, by the way, uses 9-based descending armor class :P )


  1. "teacup of angry nerds"

    Ha ha ha. This made my day.

    WORD VERIFICATION: "Felly" Jelly made from a fellow? That can't be good, no matter how you look at it.

  2. I look forward to a killer description of all the fun you'll have at the Con. :D

  3. Hey, if the wife lets me use her laptop, I might post daily summaries!

  4. I carefully measure the amount of bitchiness required for any moment, then add an extra spoonful.

  5. Occasional storms are necessary to keep this pool from growing stagnant and overgrown. ;)

    Word Verification: twooid. "I was in da fowest by the menhirs, and I tawt I taw a twooid. I did, I did taw a twooid!"