Saturday, July 18, 2009

Convention: Day One

Tonight I ran my module for D&D (Cyclopedic), "The Temple of Zirugar." Two of the players are participants in my weekly AD&D game and two were complete strangers who saw my sign-up sheet and decided to give it a shot.

Damn, what a great time we had! Everybody lost a character (good thing I made up twelve), but in my defense... the big "kill everyone" room did have some clues in it. I try to telegraph big badness. (And hey, I can't help that almost everyone failed that saving throw.) One of the strangers had to bail early. He seemed somewhat unfamiliar with older D&D, but he gave it a shot, bless him. The other stranger really enjoyed the game (and had the little red and blue booklets in his bag!) One of my players absolutely raved about the module and thinks I ought to submit it somewhere. (Not sure I really have the ambition for that) I think I might tweak and revise this module and run it again at NukeCon this fall.

The module also has possible tie-ins (or crossovers) to Mutant Future. :)

I ran half an hour over my allotted time slot, though that hardly mattered... the only thing going on besides my game was the Star Wars Miniatures reenactment of the Battle of Hoth.

After the game, I attended a panel on the militarization of space. I wasn't thrilled with it; mostly it was a lot of paranoid speculation about the Chinese shooting down GPS satellites. The panel ran over, but I vacated shortly after the scheduled end time so that I could go up and nosh in the Con Suite. I did run into some old friends from the sci-fi club I was in back in was good to see them again.

I had a good first night and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I'm so jazzed by the good session I had that I might try to run a pick-up game of Fudge tomorrow during open gaming hours, as there seems to be jack going on until 6pm. I've signed up to play in a game of Beyond the Supernatural tomorrow and Metamorphosis Alpha (First edition!) on Sunday.

...why did I stop going to cons, again?


  1. So happy you had a great time! :D

    Please let me know if you do play MA 1st Ed. :D

  2. Right on, man!

    Did they need the skills, or were they okay without 'em?

  3. They did just fine, even the player who clearly was more familiar with 3rd edition. :)

    I did play in a Palladium game earlier this evening, where every character had about a million skills and I think we maybe used two or three skills between our entire group.

  4. Hey, that's 50 XP a pop in Palladium, right?

  5. We didn't bother with experience since it was a one-shot.

    Which reminds me....why did I bother placing treasure in my D&D oneshot? It was force of habit, I suppose.

  6. Hey!

    That was my game! I'm running it again at Nuke-Con and currently am running it in Savage Worlds.

    I really really do think your adventure is all that. Your might want to check out the Tim Kask and co are starting a company for old school adventures and I'll bet they'd take submissions... or fight on... or...

  7. ah... the MA1e game that is.

  8. Good to hear from you again!
    I really wanted to make that MA1 session, but I was really exhausted and the wife was eager to go home and get comatose. My buddy Josh was in it, though, and he enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm planning to attend NukeCon, so I'll be sure to sign up for it then. (Or maybe we could play some MA1 in the meantime)