Monday, July 20, 2009

Convention: Day Three and Final Thoughts

Ok, so I meant to post this yesterday, but upon my return from the convention I immediately fell into a coma, and upon emerging I had to finish my linguistics homework so I could be back in bed at midnight. Right, so...convention.

I did not get to play Metamorphosis Alpha, since the missus wanted to leave and my own endurance was spent, and I was, shall we say, feeling the effects of two days of full throttle nerding. I did find out that the fellow who was running it (who was one of the players in my D&D game on Friday)lives very nearby, so we exchanged phone numbers. I do intend to play some MA1 with him in the relatively near future.

Somehow, I made it through the convention without buying a single game book, a feat that borders (for me) on the miraculous. My wife, however, won me a signed Hackmaster module at a charity auction, which I intend to adapt for m AD&D1 game. As it turns out, she discovered that the author was at the convention, and was in fact a dealer from whom we had bought a new boardgame on Saturday. He was good enough to personalize the signature for me.

So, here are a few random thoughts from the aftermath of the convention:

-I think I have conquered my fear of public gaming. My game went so well that I wished I had signed up to run a second one.

-I really should know this by now, but I do not enjoy playing tabletop games even a fraction of the amount that I like being the GM. This is not to say that I didn't have fun, but I just don't get that surge of enjoyment playing that I do when running.

-I will continue to GM in such a fashion that I don't become someone's bad GM convention story, many of which were shared this past weekend. My players generally seem pretty happy with my performance, so I'm not too worried about it.

-I only met one person this weekend that I wanted to strangle with my bare hands, and that is a record low for a convention.

-I sometimes forget how close-minded and generally awful "normal" people can be, since I try to live my life surrounded by nerds and nerd-friendlies.

Well, that's that, I suppose. I am greatly looking forward to NukeCon this year and I am already planning to attend. I think I will plan to run two or even three games at the convention, one of which will be a revised version of my Temple of Zirugar module.


  1. I'm glad you had a good time. :D

  2. "I really should know this by now, but I do not enjoy playing tabletop games even a fraction of the amount that I like being the GM."

    Same here. People seem to be one or the other...mostly, anyway.

    And it seems that almost all of the OSR bloggers are GM/DM/CK/Ref types, which seems to skew the sample.

    Glad you enjoyed it. Not buying anything is a sure sign of divine providence.

  3. The last two points sound like good stories. Spill the dirt!

  4. Bailey, I shall create an entirely new post to answer your questions.