Saturday, July 18, 2009

Convention: Day Two

Today I have been geeking it hardcore pretty much since I woke up. However, this blog is focused on tabletop roleplaying games, and that occupied only about four hours of my day today. I will type this post now, since presently I am hitting the party rooms and will likely lose my higher cognitive capacities in short order.

I played Beyond the Supernatural, 2nd edition. It was surprisingly fun, if rather unabashedly high powered. The strange thing that I note about Palladium is the sheer number of skills that characters have, most of which they never, ever use. I think that one character used prowl, one used open locks, though I used a psychic power for the same thing when he missed a roll...and I think we also used some kind of monster lore roll. The game was fun, don't get me wrong, and the GM threw some interesting puzzles our way. I'd give it another go.

My wife bought won me some supplement for Hackmaster ("4th" edition), though she can't pick it up until tomorrow and doesn't remember the title. I guess that will be a pleasant little surprise.

Exchange of the day:
Me: Why would you ever dodge when you could just parry?
Fellow Player: My only weapon is a gun. You can't parry with a gun.
Me: Dude, have you not seen Equilibrium?!

...guess you had to be there.

And now, off to the floor of nerdy debauchery.

Oh, and one more thing...this is my 100th post! :)

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  1. Damnit...I meant to give a shout out to MY 100th post but I blew right by it in a fit of brain spew.

    For me, Palladium is a game that actually bogs down in the chargen process...I can't think of another game that does this. And it's totally on account of the skills. Even White Wolf games don't do this to me!

    The thing is: even if one has a strong character concept in mind, you have to go through this crazy choosing of archaic skill choices and secondary skills (after making sure you've got all those lovely stat boosting physical skills) and it just seems to take forever, especially 'cause you realize you're probably never going to use Radio: Basic like EVER.

    I want to make a retro-clone of Heroes Unlimited without skills, but of course they're still in business. Maybe I can get Siembeda to hire me to edit a 3rd edition or something.
    : )