Saturday, July 11, 2009

Convention GMing: Taking the Plunge

I've only ever been to five or six conventions in my life, but I have enjoyed gaming at cons immensely. (Well, with one memorable exception...) My experience at cons has been diametrically opposite of my experiences gaming in game rooms or at game shops. Gaming at cons has introduced me to at least two new games that I loved very much. (The original Biohazard Games edition of Blue Planet and Fudge)

I have decided to throw my proverbial hat into the ring and have registered to run a game of Cyclopedic D&D at the local convention that is happening next weekend. To be honest, I'm not sure how many players I can expect to draw with the old rules. I guess we'll see. My time slot, Friday at 6 p.m., conflicts with the opening ceremonies of the convention. (Which I always find horribly boring anyway)

I had thought about running a Deadlands-ish game of Fudge, but with the class I'm taking and other obligations (wife's family reunion, my regular campaign, etc.) I figure I'd better not push it. The deadline for registration is over, but perhaps, if I can find time to put two games together, I can run it "off the radar" in the open gaming room. We shall see.

So, if you happen to be in the Omaha area next weekend, stop by and pull up a chair. I've got a delightful little module I'm working on called The Temple of Zirugar.

More info can be found here: OSFES Home Page


  1. Good luck with the con-game kemosabe! It can be hard running for people you've never gamed with before. You never know what their expectations are.
    Also, I really like your views on Vancian magic, that was a good post.

  2. I may just sit down at the table with you! Never done a convention and this may well be the last chance I get to game with you face to face for some time.