Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fantasy Language: Yoink!

I've always wished that I had a consistent fantasy writing system to use on maps, handouts, etc. (I'd probably use handouts more often if I had such a thing) Well, while doing my reading for the descriptive linguistics class I'm taking, I learned about the International Phonetic Alphabet. This system of writing renders the consonants and vowel sounds of languages into one symbol each. For instance, in English, the "f" sound can be rendered "ph" (as in phone), "gh" (rough, tough), or just plain old "f". The IPA system seeks to remedy that.

Anyway, with a little stylization, I could nab this for a system of fantasy writing, to represent "common" or whatever. The neat thing is that you can read it mostly by eyeballing it, but it still looks suitably foreign. (To me, anyway)

Check it out here, if so inclined.


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  2. Here is the TrueType Font:

  3. You have an extra http// in your URL methinks.

  4. Whoops...sorry about that, guys. The link is fixed.