Thursday, July 30, 2009


Ah, time for the weekly blog shitstorm. I once found it kind of endearing, but now I'm getting kind of sick of it. At least this week's drama is slightly more substantial than what armor class system you prefer.

Look, I'm just a guy who happens to prefer the older editions of D&D. I tried the new ones (played 3.x for most of college, actually) and they just don't deliver for me. In fact, it isn't so much the play style as it is the mechanics and the whole "pimp my build" thing with 3.x and the very divergent nature of 4th, specifically. Yeah, they do have a different play style associated with them, but I believe that is influenced by the deadliness of the old rules.
In fact, I'll be plain: 3.x, while tolerable, just doesn't do it for me. I will never run it again, though you might be able to persuade me to play it. On the other hand, I loathe 4th edition and will not play or run it again.

I started this blog because I could talk for hours, nay, days, about roleplaying games. White Wolf, D&D, Gamma World, Warhammer, whatever. I love to tinker and I love to theorize. I also like to play games besides D&D, but that is what I am most into right now, so that it what gets the most attention in my blog.

I am not part of any movement. I am not trying to steer gaming back into the style of older editions. I could care less what happens with 4th edition or Pathfinder or 3.5 Resurgent. I'm not particularly interested in proselytizing, converting, or recruiting. I do not intend to publish anything, though I am grateful for the retro-clones empowering others to produce AD&D/D&D material without getting sued. I'm glad people are doing new things with old rules, rather than just recreating the past. I want to play Carcosa. I want to run Deathfrostdoom. (I just have to type it as one word) I've been meaning to take a gander at Utrusk. I want to expand the module I wrote for the recent con into a Cyclopedic/Mutant Future campaign. I'm just a guy who is selfishly grabbing up all this great stuff that is coming out. I don't mind being a niche within a niche. The aging of our hobby is not really a concern to me. Getting "these damn kids" into our version of the game isn't really a priority for me. I want to play. I want to share my ideas. I want to read what others are doing with their rules and campaigns. All the drama, factionism, and assorted other bullshit is just a byproduct of Internet at large. It wouldn't matter if my hobby was bass fishing or miniature painting or that thing where you put the little ship in the bottle; there would still be forums and blogs and overblown arguments over doctrine or details or some-frickin'-thing.

I'm sure this post isn't going to win me any friends, but the hell with it.


  1. What's not to like in this post? You speak sense here.

    ps: What kinda pretentious SOB uses a four buck word like "proselytize" in a blog post about RPGs? Oh, wait... O_o

  2. You're cool by me, Ryan.
    --That may tarnish your Rep further, but I just thought I'd stand in your corner.

    Thanks for contemplating Urutsk, that Whore of Babylon that it is. ;)

    @Chris: And I though sesquipedalian was the trip-limit for 'big-wordism'. :D

  3. Um, I don't know what shitstorm has rolled into your neck of the woods...I just thought you were into blogging about games.

    I know I have strong opinions about different editions of games (specifically D&D), but please don't deter you from writing. When I'm not interested in what one has to say, I stop reading their blog.
    : )

  4. Bass fishing?

    @JB Amen man. You do not like, then you no read.

  5. I'll let you know, Ryan, I wrote a post like this about eight months ago.

    Testify, brother.

  6. Personally I don't understand the need to take a stance w/r/t the OSR. I suppose we all like to differentiate ourselves, but last time I checked, James Malizewski wasn't requiring loyalty oaths to visit Grognardia.

    My glib half wants to call out this whole post as perfectly typical of someone in the OSR. It's like, "Screw those guys who say there's a Chaotic Neutral Movement. I'm not part of it. I do whatever the hell I want."

  7. Ryan can speak for himself, but I do not tink he is saying screw anyone. My take away is more game and let game. If you like 4e, play it by all means. If you like oD&D, have at it. There is no perfect system, just what fits you.

    My apologies if I am contributing to the shit storm here.

  8. I think the "shit storm" is something that needs to come now and again. Stir things up. People get very passionate about stuff. I get sucked in to these storms in the most pissant of boards, such as chat boards about video games that came out years ago. There could be four or five people max in some of those places, and I only have to utter a word it seems to get people attacking me like I pissed in the punchbowl.

    I think that Grognardia James really doesn't like the shit storms (ok, it's obvious). But if he is going to throw his hat in with somebody who is talking smack, then some smack is gonna hit you back. Too many yes men at Grognardia anyway. Good for the soul to have people not agree with you.

    As an old school 1st ed guy, I would love to get in on the bashing, but I have no experience with anything past 2nd ed, so I guess I can't say much. But I tell you what, if 3.5 and 4th ed. bore any resemblence to the systems I grew up with and hold dear I would for sure trade up (buying cheap used copies on Ebay).

  9. @Brunomac- I'm not saying that a little passionate discussion isn't warranted and even healthy, but these days it seems every friggin' week we have to have a balls-to-the-wall upset over something... it's the fate of the industry, it's ascending vs. descending AC, it's what fans of later editions are saying/doing/emailing, etc.

    I'm all out of steam when it comes to bashing. I think 3.5 is mediocre and 4th edition sucks donkey balls... I mean, how many different ways do I need to say it?
    These days I'm in the mood to talk and theorize more than I am in the mood to preach or argue.

  10. "I think 3.5 is mediocre and 4th edition sucks donkey balls."

    You see? Short and to the point. Just get it out of our system and then we can get to the juicy how to get swords into the hands of magic-users and how thieves may actually have some good points once you look past 21st century assumptions.

    Why waste time arguing with folks, NOT changing their minds, when there are so many things to blog. Hell, so many things to WRITE (supplements, adventures, etc.).
    : )

  11. Screw you Ryan and your 'I am not a faction faction'. Man what? You think you can go off and just play anything! There are rules man RULES!

    It's not fair I tells ya.