Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nerd Stereotyping: A Matter of Perspective

At work, I have developed a reputation as someone who plays World of Warcraft, most likely due to one of my AD&D players (who works here but in a different department) being a very "outed" WoW enthusiast. She talks openly about our AD&D game, but I think most of her coworkers are mentally unable to distinguish between AD&D and WoW, hence people ask me questions about WoW and send me WoW related forwards, despite the fact that I have never played the game for even a minute. (And never will)

If the stigmas from the 1980's regarding D&D were still in effect, I'd probably correct people and tell them that I'm a D&D player; to me it would be far preferable to be stereotyped as a brainwashed devil worshipper straight out of the infamous Jack Chick tract than to be stereotyped as an obsessive neckbeard stinking up his parents' basement.

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  1. "an obsessive neckbeard stinking up his parents' basement. "

    To be fair, some WoW players live with only one parent.