Friday, July 17, 2009

Today is the Day

I am quite excited for OSFEST2, which starts today. Tonight at 6pm I am running The Temple of Zirugar. I know that at least two of my regular AD&D players were planning to participate, and a few other people I know have indicated as much, but we shall see what unfolds. I still actually have a few things to hammer down, but I have no fear because I'm bailing out of work early today and going straight to the con, where I will have some additional time to prepare.

The ToZ is a little more funhouse than I usually do my dungeons, but that's because this is a con game and I can do what I want without worrying about the ramifications of a greater campaign. I probably wouldn't drop this temple into my AD&D game. I'm really looking forward to it, though I am inexplicably nervous.


  1. Just have fun, the rest will follow. :D

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