Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wherefore Art Thou, OSRIC?!

Tonight was the eighth session of my AD&D1 game, which may be the most sessions of a given campaign I've run in a row without having to cancel/reschedule since my high school gaming days.

The players entered an area I didn't expect them to tonight, and as a result I had to roll up a random treasure. This treasure trove contained gems and jewelry.

I've had to roll up such things before, but damned if I could find the bloody tables in the DMG. After wasting an inordinate amount of time, I jumped on my computer, pulled up my PDF of OSRIC 2.0, and found the right tables in about forty-five seconds.

From an organization standpoint, it is becoming harder for me to resist getting a hard copy to ride shotgun at the gaming table... all that information compiled in one book, and it is so much better organized and easier to find things. Hmm... perhaps I will have to acquire myself a copy after all.

In other news, the players got incredibly lucky on a treasure trove, and the druid's animal buddy was killed by a poisonous spider, which currently makes poisonous spider the number one cause of death in this game.

I am growing irritated with the massive amounts of experience required by the Unearthed Arcana barbarian, and I'm considering looking up the OSRIC Unearthed barbarian for another take, or rewriting the barbarian to make it more playable.

...and on a totally unrelated note, my copy of Beyond the Supernatural arrived yesterday.


  1. >>I've had to roll up such things before, but damned if I could find the bloody tables in the DMG.

    Not that the DMG has the world's greatest index... but this is in there.

    After reading your post, it took me longer to get the book off the shelf than it did to learn what page the gems and jewelry values are on (25-26).

  2. Gah! I was looking for it in the general treasure section... and the dumb thing is, I knew that I had used the tables in the DMG before.