Tuesday, August 18, 2009

AD&D: Let the Freaky Deakiness Begin

Alright, first off... if you're one of my Tuesday night AD&D players, don't read this entry. As they say in the South: git on outta hyeah!

...now, for the rest of you:

Today I was at lunch, doing some prep for tonight's AD&D swoiree, when I found myself trying to answer the question "How do you have monsters still kicking around in a tower that's been buried for one hundred years who 1.) aren't undead, and 2.) aren't scavengers? All of a sudden, two words came unbidden to my mind:

Stasis tubes

...which was quickly revised to stasis spheres.

Suddenly, the magician's remains at the bottom of the tower went from musty old skeleton to must old skeleton hooked up to a crazy ass planar contact machine, and I'm sure I can find room for a brain-in-a-jar somewhere...

Here we are going into the 11th week of the campaign, and so far it has been pretty bog-standard fantasy. Most of my D&D games don't make it this long without getting at least a little unusual, so let this be the first step.


  1. Sounds awesome! D&D needs more mad science, in my opinion.

  2. Well, you know I dig it.
    --The occupants were surprised to find they'd been in there for over 800 years.