Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tuesday AD&D and Passing Thoughts

Last night was the ninth session of my AD&D game. I am enjoying it immensely. The party actually took a vastly different path than I expected, and so I found that I had to do some on the spot creation of NPCs and such. In my "typical" campaigns, I actually do very little prep work and do rather a lot of improvisation, but for some reason this campaign has seen a lot of prep work on my part. Of course, last night sort of validates why I usually do relatively little prep work: if you map it, they will walk on by. :)
Actually, last night I created an NPC that I like quite a bit: Yozol, a dealer in various types of lotus, orchid, and other botanical pleasures, mostly of an illegal variety. The party druid tried to suggest that the town guard might find out about his operation, but Yozol cheerfully conveyed that the captain of the guard is among his favored customers. One of the characters purchased some scarlet lotus, a powerful stimulant, much to the chagrin of the rest of the party.

I had to ad hoc experience last night, as the party did accomplish some things, but little in the way of monster killing or loot grabbing. I didn't want them to walk away with nothing, so I doled out a few hundred points. It seems that I am resolved to use the rules as written, except when I don't. Rather than go completely ad hoc, I think I will award ad hoc experience in addition to what is earned by killing and looting.

Hey, experience solved.

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  1. Blue Lotus is both a vasodilator (good for the menfolks) and a relaxant.

    Smoked, or ingested decoction/infusion.

    +2 Save v. Poison to overcome effects; otherwise (45 minutes - Con score) duration per dose.

    -1 on Initiative
    -1 on Dex, Int, and Wis checks
    +1 per die damage suffered from Edged weapons due to increased blood flow
    +2 on Str and Con checks
    +1 on Creativity and Morale checks

    25 sp. per 1.5 oz. of dried flowers