Thursday, September 10, 2009

Keep on the Borderlands

I had the good fortune to come across a copy of KotB for three bucks at the used bookstore in my hometown, which I visited last weekend. They also had two copies of the little red book and one copy of the little blue one, but I've got the mighty Cyclopedia on my shelf, so I passed on those.

I never knew that KotB was basically a campaign kickoff/mini-campaign setting. I really see why they used to call them modules.

I may post something more once I have actually read it. I feel like I'm spreading my attention too thin at the moment.


  1. Oh, you son-of-a-gun...!

    I would love to get my hands on an extra copy of the Moldvay/Cook own are REALLY starting to show the wear and tear of use.

    And for me, they are MUCH preferred to the Cyclopedia...

  2. I'd offer to pick them up and mail them to you, but between shipping and what not you could probably snag them yourself for around the same price on ABE or something like that. I'm heading back to the hometown this weekend or next (almost certainly next, but you never know) If you really want maybe I can pick them up for you.

    ...oh, and if you hate the Cyclopedia, you hate Freedom.

  3. Have you never run KotB before? If not, you're in for a treat!

    Yeah, the RC rocks, but so does Moldvay/Cook.

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  5. I just picked up B and X with KotB and Isle of Dread. The Expert book and Isle of Dread aren't in great shape, but Basic and KotB are in terrific condition. Just reading through the Keep now; I've never played, DMed, or even read it before.

  6. You can't do much better than B2 for starters.

    I'd love to get a copy of B4, I think I can appreciate it a lot more now, knowing the connection to Red Nails.

  7. I used to love B4. It and B2 both continue to exert a strong influence on how I game today.

  8. I've got two copies of b2. My original and one I bought for my kid. He'll run it some day.

    The red book and the blue are good finds. My blue is all torn up, what store Ryan? I might stop by and pick it up.

  9. Cyclopedia = bland.

    Red & Blue books (Cook/Moldvay) = much better.

    Of course, AD&D = Best! :D

  10. Bill, I cannot, in good conscience, pay for material that I already own. And hey, maybe it is bland, but nobody can say it isn't complete.

  11. I can. It doesn't contain an Appendix with a huge list of gambling games, herbs, or types of prostitutes.

    I do have a RC but it's been a while since I read it. I need to bust that thing out and have another look.

  12. @1d30: Touche, good sir. Knowing the difference between a saucy tart and a brazen strumpet could save your character's life. (Or just save him the cost of a cure disease. Zing!)

    Luckily I have the AD&D1 DMG on hand should this information ever become vital!