Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sometimes Simple Is Better

Last week, we had to host my AD&D game (which has moved to Wednesdays) at one of the player's apartment. While trying to set up the Skype connection for our remote member to come and play, we discovered, to our horror, that our host's web cam did not have a microphone.

We ended up solving the problem by having another player call him on a cell phone and put him on speaker phone. It worked so well it was actually a little infuriating, how well it worked, given some of the troubles we've had with Skype and internet connection problems. I'm kind of surprised we didn't think of this before.

In related AD&D news, I will say that I have been running my campaign for four months, and we have only missed a single session. Around these parts, that is kind of a big deal.

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