Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Comedy Dwarves: A Brief Gripe

This is something I forgot to mention in my recent commentary on the Dragonlance animated film.

...is anyone else completely tired of comedy dwarves? I always thought dwarves were supposed to be sort of a humorless and stoic race. (Hence the Charisma hit in AD&D and in 3.x) Gimli as comic relief in the LotR films and now Flint as comic relief in Dragonlance just kind of rubs me the wrong way. Perhaps my grip is actually deeper, and that I'm fed up with the general "tropificatin" of the TOlkien races as they appear over and over in fantasy books and games. Perhaps it is in reaction to this kind of stuff that I try to make my typical fantasy races as different as possible in each campaign I run.

Okay, nothing more to see here, folks. /gripe


  1. The first time I remember seeing Scottish dwarves was Warcraft 2, and it's been present ever since.

  2. Heh; it has a longer tradition than that. I think probably my earliest encounter was Betrayal at Krondor. Yeah, the comedy Scottish dwarf was the subject of much lamenting amongst our group a good ten years ago and more. "Toss me, laddie, but dinna' tell tha' elf!"

  3. All right, but I still like Time Bandits.

  4. I'm tired of faux Norse/Viking Dwarves. High time for more Time Bandit dwarves, and trixy fairy dwarves like Ruplestilchen however you spell his name.

    But I agree, the slapstick humour dwarf ala LotR movie is lame.

  5. @Matthew- Totally forgot about Betrayal at Krondor.

    @Alexis- Fair enough.

    @Norman- I try to steer my dwarves away from that, too, just because I'm kind of tired of it.
    I like the idea of trixie fairy dwarves...maybe next game, eh?