Thursday, October 15, 2009

A New Player

As I may have mentioned, my AD&D game's size has been recently decimated by the impending arrival of a newborn baby (-2 players) and the rigors of a new job (-1 player), leaving me with three players, one of whom plays remotely from Kentucky via Skype. (And who, oddly enough, always "arrives" first.)
Out of the blue, my spouse has asked to join my game. This is most surprising, as she is a diehard 3.5 fan and is one of those people who cannot seem to decipher the mysteries of THAC0. (By her own words, mind you)

In an interesting turn of events, she has requested to play a native of the world of Tarraxian. She would like to play a ranger, if she can roll the stats. (No freebies, not even for the spouse. You don't like it, go play one of those editions...) Whatever class she rolls, I may have to do some adaptation, given the non-fantasy enviornment of Tarraxian.

Meanwhile, the player of the cleric and I are working on some new class for him as his character tries to learn the ways of medicine and mechanics from the scientists of Altima. We are basing the class on the fighter. I'm going to look at some of Sword +1's classes for The Resistance as a reference. If I recall correctly, he has a medic class and a tech class of some kind.

The campaign has been playing out in macro time, with the characters passing months of time in Altima as the druid tries to use plant growth to restore the ruined countryside, the ex-cleric tries to learn new things, and the magic-users studies his tomes and also studies the history the world they're on.

At the end of the session, the characters discovered the location of several "dungeon" type sites in the reasonably close vicinity. Next week we switch from several weeks of exploration/macro mode into a good old dungeon crawl.

This is one of the better campaigns I've run in awhile, says I.

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