Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Welcome to Tarraxian

Tonight's session was a little slow, but that's because the direction of the campaign has changed for the foreseeable future.

The characters are now on a world called Tarraxian. Centuries ago, Tarraxian was devastated by a war between the forces of Order and Chaos. That conflict ended up in the world being devastated by nuclear, biological, chemical, and magical war. Five centuries have passed, and only four Cities of Law and one Citadel of Chaos remain. The war has faded away, and no new attacks have come from the Citadel for decades. The world is filled with berserk robots, mutants, and wanderers.
The characters have taken refuge in Altima, the greatest remaining City of Law. They have conversed with the AI remnant of a scientist who finds their abilities fascinating. He has offered to help them return to their home world if they will use magic to sabotage the last Citadel from within. (Order uses Science and does not understand magic) The characters, however, have other plans, and didn't seem keen on finishing their war for them.

From here, the characters can do as they please...they seem keen on staying awhile and trying to learn about technology.

Some important changes:

-The druid forged a connection with the nature of Tarraxian. Now his fire and lighting spells are stronger, but his healing and recuperative spells are weaker.

-The cleric is a cleric no longer, and I am now using a variation of the Stranger class from Grognardia until he finds a new niche in this world.

-The magic-user's spells work, but magic on Tarraxian is slightly unstable...

To be continued.


  1. This sounds very cool. I hope your players are enjoying it. I need to look up the stranger class to see what that means.

  2. I am defiantly excited to see what adventure this world holds. Not excited about having a fireball explode in my hands though.