Sunday, November 22, 2009

Games I Would Like to Run

This post is mostly introspection. These are campaigns I would like to run in the future. The chance of me running most of them varies greatly, but they're all things I have tucked away in my mind for some future use, perhaps. They are in no particular order.

*A heavily house-ruled game of Cyclopedic D&D, tweaked to fit my perfect idea of D&D.

*A game with the same premise as Metamorphosis Alpha, but run using Gamma World 2nd edition or Mutant Future.

*A planet-hopping game of Mongoose's Traveller, in the vein of the computer game Freelancer or the TV show Firefly...just a crew, a ship, and wandering in space.

*A World of Darkness game in which demons/infernals are the principal antagonists, and the characters are part of a secret group of exorcists or magicians or something similar that opposes them. (Run using either mortals + Second Sight or Mage or maybe even some parts of Hunter)

*A game of, gods help me, Nightbane.

*Deadlands, set in west Texas or in Dodge City. I'd like to try it sandbox style, with the character left to do as they will.

*Rippers, though mainly run as the revival of my steampunk vampire fighting Legacy of Dracula game.

*Palladium Fantasy, straight out the book.

*A sandbox style game of Vampire, probably using the Masquerade setting but with the basic rules of Requiem because they are a bit cleaner.

*A "sci-fi exiles" game, with the characters adrift on a ship of some kind. I'd like to include a lot of resource management for the ship, and ideally the characters would be of positions of authority. I'm thinking things along the lines of Battlestar Galactica, Densetsu Kyojin Ideon, and Ulysses 31 (what very little of it I remember) This could be done with Traveller, Star Frontiers, Savage Worlds, Robotech (part of the Expeditionary Force whose fold device malfunctioned?), or most other systems.

*Carcosa, or perhaps a Carcosa/Mutant Future mashup.

I have other ideas as well... I mean, ideally I'd like to run every game on my shelf. These are just things I have been thinking over lately.


  1. Sign me up for #2 if MF, #3, #6, #10, and #11

    I've been dreaming of a Metamorphosis Alpha game for long time. Mutant Future is the thing that will get me to run it I think.

    Also have done som work on a sci-fi exiles type campaign. Some of my other Campaigns I've Dreamed of.

  2. I know how you many games, so little time.
    : (