Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mutant Goodness

Since I am trying to keep the mechanics in my game AD&D-centric,I have decided to make races and classes separte for native Tarraxians. Last night I statted up the mutant race.

There are two options for mutants: The first is Near Human, which means the character can probably pass for human and is only somewhat mutated. The second option is what I like to call Extra Crispy, and the character starts out a lot more randomized and with at least one pretty nasty defect.

Near Human mutants have +1 to a randomly determined ability score and -1 to another randomly determined ability score. (I just have the player roll 1d6 and read down the line on their character sheet.) If they roll the same ability they will have unmodified ability scores. Near Human mutants have one randomly determined Class 2 (50/50 physical or mental) mutation and another randomly determined Class 1 mutation (physical) as determined in Mutant Future. They also have 1 randomly determined Class 1 physical defect.

Now, Extra Crispy... they have +1d4 points of ability bonuses, with each bonus assigned randomly as above. They also have -1d4 worth of negative attribute adjustments, likewise determined randomly. A heavily mutated character will randomly roll one Class 3 mutation (50/50 physical/mental), one Class 2 mutation (50/50), and two Class 1 physical mutations. They will then roll one Class 3 defect (50/50) and one Class 1 physical defect.

A mutant may advance as a fighter (10th level), thief (unlimited),ranger (8th level),barbarian (12th level), or tech rat* (8th)

A mutant may choose the following multiclass combinations: fighter/thief, fighter/tech rat, thief/tech rat

As a native Tarraxian, the character will advance in the modified version of his chosen class. (The classes are a little different on Tarraxian)

*As stolen from Amityville Mike at

There are some mutant "races" on Tarraxian. So far I have created one such race, the Suulians. Suulians are a tribe of mutants who have stabilized into a distinct race all their own. Their numbers are small, numbering around 700, and all of them live in and around the village of Suular in the Red Wastes. Suulians stand 4-5 feet tall and are slight of frame and slightly hunchbacked. Their skins are yellow and scaly with gray spots and patterns. They have small, mostly blunt spines emerging from their skulls and running all the way down their spines to their tailbone. Suulians do not have body hair of any sort. They have distended lower jaws. Suulians live roughly 200 years. Racially they tend towards Neutral Good. Even nongood Suulians typically reject both Law and Chaos, as they blame the war between the two powers for the current predicament of their world.

Suulians receive +1 to their initial Wisdom score and -1 to Strength. Suulians are a strong willed and spiritual people, but their muscles are underdeveloped due to a lingering mutation in their gene pool.
Suulians have the following special abilities:
Detect Radiation 1-4 on 1d6: they can detect radiation up to 60 feet away. Their senses will detect it only as weak (Intensity Class 1-3), moderate (IC 4-6), or strong. (7+) A suulian must spend one round in concentration to activate this ability. If they spend a second round concentrating, they can pinpoint the radiation to a monster, object, crater, etc.
Note that a suulian still has a chance equal to 1-2 on a 1d6 to notice radiation if they pass within 20 feet, even if not actively looking for it.
Suulians have a bonus to save against radiation. This bonus is +1 for every 3.5 full points of Constitution possessed by a suulian. Also, suulians must fail seven saves in a day to gain a new mutation, instead of the usual five. (See the Mutant Future rulebook for details)
A beginning suulian character has a 20% chance to have a randomly determined mental mutation, as described in Mutant Future.

Suulians have different class options available to them that other mutants. A suulian may only advance as a fighter, (6th level), thief (unlimited), or druid (10th level) A suulian may multiclass as a fighter/druid or a fighter/thief.

Suulians speak their own language and the tongue common to this region of Tarraxian. If their intelligence score allows, they may take extra languages from any monster or tribe that dwells in this area of Tarraxian.

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