Monday, November 9, 2009


Tonight, I purged my gaming shelf of all things Fourth Edition, and everything 3.5 except the core books (the wife likes that edition best and might play in a game of it someday). Admittedly, these books sat idle on the shelf since August 2007 (final 3.5 burnout) and November 2008 (the last straw with 4th ed) respectively.
The guy at my LGS who was assessing my store credit (hint: if you buy your stuff on Amazon at discounted prices and the seller assesses the books based on suggested retail price, AND you take store credit, you actually get a pretty fair trade. Shhhh!) and, looking down upon my stack o' books, he asked "So what do you play now?" I was in no mood for proselytizing, so I simply told him that I play "the older editions." He did not respond, and suddenly took a keen interest in the counter top, so I decided not to press the issue.

A few minutes later, while I was doing the kid-in-a-candy-store routine, I overheard the clerk discussing 4th edition with a teenager who was apparently interested but unfamiliar. The clerk suggested that he buy the core rules set that I had just traded in, and then proceeded to point me out to the young man. I decided to tune their conversation out after that.

So, I willingly and knowingly passed up two chances to spread the word about the OSR. Nobody tell Jim... I don't want him to go American History X all over my ass.


  1. There is a time and season for all things. Who knows? Fate may bring that young teen into your sphere of influence at some point in the future...

    BTW...absolute TONS of props for tossing 4E. I still have my 3E stuff, but mainly for historical value and (admittedly) some pretty pictures...
    ; )

  2. Hey, I still think there's a good game buried down in 3rd ed. :)

    BTW, game store proselytizing just give me shivers. I think you did the right thing.