Sunday, December 20, 2009

On the Fence

Ordinarily, I do not speak of my personal life on this blog except for in passing reference. I will mention, however, that I am leaving my job to finish a program of study I'm in. I mention this because gaming dollars are going to be tight whilst I live on student loans, savings, and a whole lot of mac n' cheese.

I have a few dollars to throw around before the lockdown truly starts. As such, I'm thinking over a number of books I'd like to have. This is mostly my thinking out loud, but any of my dear readers are invited to chime in with suggestions.

So, these are some things I want to buy, in no particular order:

-Rob Conley's Supplement VI, Majestic Wilderness. I'm more interested in all the sub-classes, variant magic system, and other stuff one might call "crunch." I almost never use pre-made settings, but I seldom overlook the chance to see how another DM does it.

-The infamous Supplement V, Carcosa. I mostly want it for the alien tech, psi systems, etc. I doubt very much I'd ever run Carcosa straight up, but there's a lot of neat stuff to plunder.

-A copy of OSRIC. I'm getting increasingly fed up with the layout and organization of the AD&D DMG, plus I'd like to have everything between two covers.

-No Dignity in Death. I have so far enjoyed Raggi's work very much, and I don't think that Insect Shrine or his new one that's in the works will be available before I go into thrift mode.


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, that $10 economy copy of OSRIC has got to be the best RPG buy out here.

  2. I'd agree with all four picks for the same reasons. I've yet to purchase a copy of Majestic Wilderness, but it's next of my purchase list. One day I'll bite the bullet and pay for international postage to get a hard copy of OSRIC, istead of just the pdf. Both Carcosa and No Dignity in Death are well worth the money.

  3. Well all I can say is that there are 85 pages of "crunch" and 55 pages of settings stuff. Although I like to think for those with their own campaign it would be useful as an idea generator. Only 10 pages of the crunch is taken up with Monsters and Items.

    Good luck with your studies.

  4. I'd say it's a toss-up between Wilderlands and OSRIC.

    Carcosa, as far as "crunch" goes, is very brief. It's almost all setting (plenty of plunderable material there, of course).

    If you're feeling fed up with the DMG, it might be better to go for the non-sexy "utility" purchase, especially if you're not planning on making any more for a while.

  5. I agree with the others, Carcosa is far better than the furore it generated, if for no other reason that the hex listing at the end, and Cthulhu monsters in D&D...the infamous spell list is disturbing, but it's meant to be!

    I bought Rob's Supplement VI, Majestic Wilderness on friday, and I have to be honest, I've not managed more than a quick flip through it, but it certainly looks solid, I'm hoping to use the fortnight off over the Xmas period to read it...

    Yes, the OSRIC paperback is fantastic, I'm impressed by the quality of prints from, if only their postage wasn't so damned expensive (4x the price of the items I want to buy right now),

    Finally, No Dignity in Death is great, a fascinating diversion from my usual gaming, I'm looking forward to running it in mid January with my players.

  6. Well gents, thanks for the input. I went ahead and placed my order for the economy version of OSRIC, since it is something I can use right now for my weekly campaign. I think Majestic Wilderlands is probably going to be my next, and likely final (for awhile) purchase when I scrape some cash together. The other things will have to wait until my student teaching is over and I am (hopefully) gainfully employed.

    The silver lining of this situation is that I will be forced to read all the gaming books I've had stacking up and gathering dust!