Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another note on Dragon 109

One bit about 109 that I didn't cover in my previous post: the author suggests that if anyone is allowed to play a customized character class, that everyone in the group should be customized. Using the article as the author intended, this does give an edge to someone who rebuilds one of the standard character classes, as they advance faster using the formula in the article.

I'm going to have to tweak these numbers to produce something more usable... or I suppose I could just trust my instincts and build new classes on my own. (Imagine that)


  1. I finding doing Crabaugh's math and then tweaking by just eyeballing it compared to the classes in your ruleset of choice works just fine.

  2. Ah, I remember that system. I also have a vague memory of designing a "warlock" class in junior high; it was a warrior/wizard hybrid and he required something like 6,000 experience to advance to level 2... I'd love to mess around with that system, wonky as it might be, but I haven't owned a 2nd edition PHB for a long time.