Monday, January 18, 2010

Doomstones of Doom

Tonight we started a pick-up game of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 1st edition. One of my AD&D players is running it, and the two players are me and one of the other AD&D gents. We're running through the infamous Doomstones campaign. I know how Doomstones ends, but I'm enjoying myself anyway.

One thing I have always loved about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (1st and 2nd editions) is the character generation. There is something about it which is fun and satisfying to me. I could crank out WHFRP characters all night. In fact, I just cranked one out during this blog post. (Human raconteur!) I think I enjoy taking what the dice give me and making it my own.

I think my tastes are gravitating a bit more toward WHFRP 1st ed. The 2nd edition is a little cleaner, mechanically, and I like the magic system better. However, 1st edition WHFRP has a flavor I like a lot more, plus the asymmetry of the system has some of that old school charm to it. There are things about it I'd house rule (2nd edition parry rules come to mind, and perhaps 2nd edition advancement costs), but in most categories I think the original iteration comes out on top.Luckily, the first two editions are similar enough that material can be converted between them with very little fuss. Well, very little fuss, that is, except for the magic system. I'm still working on something that combines the flavor and variety of 1st edition with the mechanical improvements of the 2nd edition.

This should be fun. I look forward to the next session.


  1. Seriously, what is it with Warhammer Dwarves and Doom? Everything is Doom this and Grimm that...

  2. I prefer 1st edition WFRP myself for exactly the same's the best "dark fantasy" RPG ever written, in my opinion.

    While I've never owned Doomstones (I've got all the Power Behind the Throne ones) I recently had a chance to play in a game where the DM converted DS to B/X play. While we haven't had a chance to return to it recently, it certainly was fun while we were in it!

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