Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Easy Come, Easy Go

Well, our youngest player has discovered the fairer sex, and found one of them that wants to play video games with him, so I'm afraid he is likely lost to us. Still, we wish him well, and for the time being the party has an NPC druid, their current sole source of healing.

The party has entered the Citadel of Chaos, the final stop before they use the Chaos Gates to (presumably) return to their fantasy world, thus ending the "Gamma World/Mutant Future" segment of the campaign. Time to figure out what happened in the year or so they have been gone. (Time flows differently on Tarraxian, after all)

Oh, and one final thought: sometimes, players are able to avoid a nasty death simply by being prudent; not every hazard needs a saving throw to avoid.


  1. You should invite the lady friend to join the game!

  2. Well JB, it would be impossible strictly speaking, because he is one of the players who plays via Skype from Kentucky. While it would be no problem to add another Skype player, she doesn't sound like the gamer type, and I'm inclined to let the kids go and play. Besides, I have a local gent who has been inquiring about my game.

  3. Right on...just assumed you were ALL local. Good luck with the "new guy."