Monday, January 4, 2010

A Guilty Pleasure

After having it recommended by my mother**, the missus and I started watching the Legend of the Seeker TV show. I have never read any Terry Goodkind, and actually the thickness of the books are something of a deterrent. (I do not have the patience for long winded, long running epic fantasy series that I did twelve or more years ago) I find that I enjoy the TV series immensely, even if it is rather predictable. We finally have a decent fantasy TV series that isn't a parody or that keeps the tongue planted firmly in the cheek. (Well, except for the BDSM/Disciplinarian-Red-Leather-Gestapo chicks.) I can also tell that my recent pulp fantasy readings have been influencing me, as I now consider the altruism of the heroes to be quite hard to swallow at times (and yet, compared to the behavior of the average RPG player character or Cugel the Clever, it is somewhat refreshing.)



  1. I watch the show mainly for the Mord'Sith. :D
    --I love the wailing power sound of the Aegil. lol. :)

  2. I've often wondered how come everything is always a couple day's walk from everything else except whatever macguffin they are looking for.

  3. Yeah it is a guilty pleasure and I've enjoyed it. It does have occassional moments where I am impressed.