Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Laser Pistols?! This is not the same game I left..."

We had one of the original crew rejoin my game tonight, now that he has moved to town and no longer faces a grueling daily commute. His arrival was fairly last minute, but I have joined him to the party as they prepare to leave Tarraxian behind. Most of the new characters in the group are, shall we say, "involuntary expats" from the original campaign world.

Still, tonight's session was one of those endless logistical sessions where players buy and pack and prepare. I must admit I wasn't at the top of my game, as my new student teaching gig doles out work I must do at home and I haven't quite adjusted my routine to compensate. (I will, though, I just need to get used to the flow of my new typical day.) I find that such "preparatory sessions" do crop up once in awhile in nearly every game. As a player, I find them wretchedly boring, so my apologies to any members of the group who did not have extensive gear/preparation plans. The party is aimed at a new dungeon for next session, one that they believe will take them home. (Of course, for some of the characters, centuries have passed since their departure, so not all party members will have a happy homecoming.)

Oh, and for a combat of NPCs on NPCs, I used Risk combat rules for resolution. I don't know if I should praise myself for a quick way to settle things or to be horribly ashamed at my laziness. I just couldn't think of any "reasonable" way to settle a fight between three combat robots and a gaggle of giant, two headed ants with radiation eye beams and scales like armor.


  1. I think the RISK method is pretty brilliant, actually. :)

  2. @JB- Well, I wanted to be fair. I didn't want to just give it away by saying "your robots kill the snakes. You win!" or "Sorry, all your robots are trashed." It seemed too arbitrary so I wanted to leave the matter to chance. Besides, robots with rockets and lasers vs. giant two headed ants with radiation beams seemed too close to call.

  3. Using RiSK is a very elegant solution!