Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lulu is having a site-wide 20% off sale this weekend, so I think I will reach into my mostly empty pockets and buy Rob Conley's Supplement VI. I was thinking about a copy of OSRIC Unearthed, but reading James M.'s review of it at Grognardia, it doesn't sound like something I have much use for. I was considering purchasing Xplorers, but I already own several sci-fi RPGs (Traveller, Star Frontiers, D6 Star Wars, Dark Heresy) and I don't really see the utility of adding more. Still, the sales goes through the 18th and I may yet change my mind.


  1. I think RC's Majestic Wilderlands is well worth it, & you've still got a couple of hours left (PST)! Personally I'm partial to the old style cover...

  2. I did order a copy of Majestic Wilderlands, though I opted for the slick new cover... I think it will look better next to my shiny copies of OSRIC, Mutant Future, and the Random Esoteric Creature Generator.

    I opted against buying a copy of X-plorers, though I did download the PDF of Ruins & Ronin. (Hey, with the discount it was eighty cents...why not?)