Monday, January 18, 2010

Quick thought- magical halflings

So I was watching Willow today, and now I'm thinking that in my next campaign, halflings will be able to use magic. (That is, they can advance as magic-users) I'm kind of tired of hobbits, and I want nothing to do with the scrawny, dreadlocked halflings of contemporary editions. know, I could even make this change in my present campaign if so desired; we have no halflings in the party as of yet, and I don't think the characters have even met any halfling NPCs.

I think I'm going to play up the "wee folk" aspect of halflings and make them semi-magical creatures like leprechauns, brownies, etc. It might make for an interesting campaign world detail.


  1. Halfling magic users work very well, I make leprecauns just a regional name for Celtic halflings, like the Scottish hill dwarves. Or the drow in the region (Sidhe). Just a regional name.

  2. What is it with halflings all of a sudden? For years, they're mini-meatshields, an irritant to all, and suddenly everyone wants to give them Old School love - check out Squidman's take (at Elves ate My Homework) and James at Underdark Gazette's Evil Halflings. Even I've reinvented them as a displaced refugee race trying to win back their homeland by fair means or foul.

    Oh, for the days when the halfling was the thief, first into the trapped room. You knew where you were with that.

  3. @DG- Like I said, I was watching Willow when I got the idea. I had no idea there was a halfling thing going on in the blogoverse. I'd just like to see the poor little guys be known for something besides thievery for a change.

  4. I HATE the halfling thief schtick. I've enjoyed playing halflings in the past but prefer them as warriors (probably why B/X appeals to me).

    Wee folk as wizards sounds great...why should elves have all the fun? I don't know if I like the idea of them being MULTI-CLASSED magic-users, though!