Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random Update Tidbits

-Our youngest player rejoined my AD&D1 game last Tuesday. He never intended to leave the game; he just had a date for that particular night. I'm glad.

-My AD&D game is transitioning back into fantasy mode, having spent the last three months or so in a Mutant Future/Gamma World crossover of sorts. The dungeon they are in is rumored to have many planar gateways, and one of them must certainly lead back to their home world, right...?

-WFRP1 did not run this weekend, but given that it is a pick-up game, I have no worries.

-I managed to successfully put aside some time for the perusal of gaming materials this weekend. I read most of Rob Conley's Supplement VI, and on a lark I read some of Requiem for Rome. More thoughts on that later. (I'm taking a brief break from grading papers. My, they do tend to pile up, don't they?)

-I think I'm going to set aside (or at least, try to set aside) thirty minutes each night to read gaming materials. It might not seem like much, but I have a lot of material yet to read and without a schedule I'm unlikely to read any of it.

-I had misplaced my newly acquired copy of Al-Qadim, only to find it under a stack of grammar quizzes. Lovely.