Saturday, February 6, 2010

More Al-Qadim Goodness

I was once again haunting the LGS today when I ran across the battered Land of Fate boxed set. The price was right so I found myself unable to resist the indulgence. There was also a Dark Sun boxed set, but I exercised restraint and did not purchase it. (Also, it was the 'expanded and revised' version, so it was post-Dragon King... had it been the very original DS boxed set I'd probably have tightened my belt and just bought it anyway.)

The maps in the boxed set are beautiful. Al-Qadim truly had impressive production quality.

The bit about the Dark Sun set has planted the seed of metaplot and "setting advancement" in my head, but that will be another blog post for later.


  1. How much were they asking for the Dark Sun set (and was it complete)?

  2. Twelve bucks, and I'm not sure if it was complete as it was taped shut.