Monday, February 15, 2010

We're Getting the Band Back Together

I was recently contacted by a former player who left my game when he and his fiance welcomed a young'un into the world. His schedule is now clear and he has expressed interest in rejoining the game. We'll have all our original crew back except for the new mother. He hasn't decided if he'll play his previous character (whose fate, like the others who departed, was left quite ambiguous) or roll up a new one. Unfortunately, another player is moving to my former hometown and will likely have to play via Skype. However, if I can get the other interested local to join (blast, I was supposed to call him today....but got caught up in my lesson planning) I can keep the ratio of physcially present players vs. Skypers at a comfortable 2-to-1. (I haven't minded the Skype thing so far, but I am most certainly focused on running a game where the majority of players are physically present at my table)


  1. To be contacted by my old crew would be a dream scenario. I've no idea where they all are now; we found in the end that we had nothing in common except the games and so when they faltered and finished, we kind of drifted apart. You're a lucky man to have got the band back together - hope it rocks!

  2. I was able to reunite the other three original players from my late 70s D&D group via Skype. We lost track of one another, but I found one guy via Facebook and now we are back at it. All four of us play together about once every six weeks, while three of us play shorter sessions almost every week.

    I'm curious to see how a mix of Skype and face-to-face players will work. I think the big tech problem would be the voices of several people around a table going digital--it might be really hard for the Skype player(s) to hear what is going on. Please post on this if and when you do it.