Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Again? Really?

Some dude with the handle of faustusnotes posted his thoughts on old school mentality, and some other dude posted his thoughts about faustusnotes' thoughts, and everyone's panties are in a collective twist because they compared the psychology of the old school to something that is implied to be less mature than guys who have plots in their games and blah blah blah now too many of the blogs I follow are posting their own angry responses when I just want to read about their campaigns or new spells or what not. Sometimes I wish the internet would burn down.

Come on, guys.... who really cares? I don't care what other people play. RIFTS. 4th Ed. Amber fucking Diceless. Whatever.In the end, we're all sitting around a table pretending to be elves or cyborgs or vampires or some other crap; if someone implies that the way they pretend to be an elf is more mature than the way you're pretending to be an elf... I mean, come on.

I think the only reasonable way to settle this is with a dancing/musical knife fight similar to the one featured in the music video to "Beat It."


  1. I take offense to your taking offense and will now go blog about it.

    Good day, sir.

  2. That's right, Christian, you go back to your blog about your sissy new-fangled story White Wolf games! Say hi to Joy Division for me!

    You damn kids get the fuck off my laaaaaaaaaaaawn!

  3. Oh, man! That Joy Division blast is CLASSIC! I am so going to use that. :)

  4. haha say hi to Joy / ! oh man, that's rich.

    "when I just want to read about their campaigns or new spells or what not" - that right there is me for the most part. i'm glad there's the thick stuff, but for the most part i like my blogging like my games, light.

  5. Get off your lawn? That's not a lawn... you wouldn't know a lawn if you saw one. And Joy Division rules! You're just jealous!

    Now you've done it: my knickers are all twisted.


  6. My sentiments exactly, but then I suppose this sort of stuff probably does more to raise the profile of traditional adventure games than anything else.

  7. Your turf or mine, chickenlegs? Me an my boys, the Roosters, got our red leather jackets all polished up, our hair properly oiled, and we gonna PUNK you up, yoh!