Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Campaign Stage 3 GO

Today I finally got around to launching the new leg of my campaign. (Last week we played The Grinding Gear as a one shot, though we did not finish it.) This week, we returned to the original fantasy world, though in the more northerly kingdom of Amdoro, in the prosperous trade city of Balvara.

I am pleased to say that the dungeon they are headed towards was named and conceptualized with the help of Mythmere's Adventure Design Workbook, a delightful little book full of random tables meant to get your gears turning. (It is also apparently the first volume in a series)

Oh, and I'm using a monster from the Fiend Folio. I know that book doesn't get a lot of love around these parts, but I think it can be a useful repository of unusual encounters. I can't say which monster (or...monsters?!), as at least three of my players read this blog, and a fourth has in the past. You will find out soon enough, my dearies.

One of my players says he enjoys the new intrigue and setting I've built. I'm already looking forward to next week.


  1. Very cool to 'hear'.
    --Looking forward to more details. :)

  2. FWIW, I've never really got the hate the FF seems to get. Sure, it's a little oddball. But there are some good monsters in there and it sure makes a nice change of pace.