Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Obsessive Collecting

After a trip to the used bookstore this evening, I find myself in possession of Shadowrun 4th edition and Ars Magica 3rd edition. I haven't really had the opportunity to play SR4 and I have been quite curious about it. (I joined a group but had to give it up before the campaign started due to my sudden scarcity of free time) Ars Magica, like my recently acquired copy of Unknown Armies, is a game I always wanted to try based on reputation. It is most unsettling to see the old WotC label and think about how things used to be.

Had I more cash presently, I'd have also purched the 3rd edition of Legend of the Five Rings and the two core books to Castles & Crusades. I very nearly did buy C&C, but that itch is currently being scratched by my current OSRIC/AD&D1 game.

I really need to stick to that planned half hour of gaming-related reading every night... those books are really stacking up.


  1. Ryan, in all honesty, if you have both AD&D1e and OSRIC, there is 0-need or utility to be gained by purchasing C&C.
    --I am continually frustrated with the game having nerfed just about everything in AD&D1e, that I donated my pristine C&C 4th iteration Players Handbook to the GM who runs the game.

    > shakes my gauntlet at C&C <

  2. Duly noted, TS, and thanks for the heads up. Although I do have a strange tendency to collect sword-and-sorcery style games from all across the spectrum, I find that I don't have much use for any more iterations of D&D/AD&D.

  3. I love SR4th. It's probably one of the best uses of the dice pool that I've seen. It's amazing how well it handles simultaneous characters in astral, net, and physical settings. It's a thing of beauty.

  4. I have deluxe copies of the Castles & Crusades Player's Handbook and Monsters & Treasures and bought second or third printings of the former for my old group. Honestly, we have never really made use of them in play, though I occasionally use them for reference purposes (usually with regard to a Castle Zagyg or After Winter's Dark supplement).

    Worth a look if you are curious as to what the system exactly looks like, or interested in buying into a "modern" vision of AD&D. It really is close to what I would have expected a third edition to have looked like, with all the good and bad that comes along with that. :D