Thursday, March 25, 2010

My first online game experience

So, a few thoughts on today's game...

1. Skype is kind of spotty, but it wasn't the worst experience I've ever had; that award goes to Google Voice Chat, which often unexpectedly stops working and emits a brain-shatteringly loud blast of static.I daresay the Skype worked marginally better than it has for the the remote player in my regular Tuesday night campaign. I still have yet to try a Skype conference with more than two other people, so who knows...

2. I rolled all the dice. That was actually Timeshadows' idea, but I didn't mind and it worked out pretty well.

3. I tend to draw somewhat irregular dungeons, so sometimes I wonder if I am adequately describing them with respect to size and direction of corridors. If anything, some kind of application that would allow me to share maps relatively easily would be nice, or perhaps share maps with one other player. (Someone unlucky enough to get voted as designated mapper.) It's not a huge problem, at least, my player didn't seem to think so... and have always had a thing about describing irregularly shaped dungeons (caverns, etc.), even at a traditional "around the table" type game.

4. B/X is ideal for online gaming because of it's simplicity;  it doesn't take long to look up a chart or rule when you don't have a lot of book to flip through.

All in all, it was a pretty good experience, and we're actually on deck to play again tomorrow. This gets me thinking all kinds of ambitious, and unlikely, thoughts about "getting the band back together" from distant eras of my gaming past. (Many of my former gaming groups have scattered to the four winds, but are still in varying degrees of contact with one another.)

Now, if only I could convert some of my MMO playing friends over from the dark side...


  1. It's great to hear that you had a good experience. I have been interested in playing over Skype too, but I'm not very tech savvy, and am not sure how to get more than one other person over skype. I'd like to start just by letting a single skype player join my tabletop Swords & Wizardry game, though.

    Your post is an inspiration!


  2. I've been hosting Skype games for awhile now and have yet to have any serious connection issues. Not sure if this is a lame tip or not, but if you do try a conference call, make sure the person with the best connection speed is the host.

  3. I hadn't thought of that..., anyone with a fast internet connection want to play? XD

  4. I prefer using my imagination on the visuals. No maps necessary, IMO.

    You rolling really freed me up to simply stay in character and do the tactics of coordinating my former four retainers, --may Rab and the redeemed/sanctified un/dead enjoy the mead halls of Tahsk!

    Looking forward to today's game...once I wake up from my 5AM going to bed.

  5. I'm preparing to "get the band back together" via Skype myself.

    As for drawing and sharing maps, there are quite a few free virtual desktop applications out there that you can use to draw maps and share information while you play. Check out MapTools, RPGtonight, or OpenRPG.

  6. Me thinks I should take another stab at getting a Ventrilo server up and running.