Monday, March 22, 2010

Obsidian Portal and Reminiscence

I do not miss 4E, and I find it highly unlikely that I will ever play it again. However, reviewing my old campaign at Obsidian Portal, I find that I'm sorry that I didn't at least get to conclude the game on a satisfactory note. I'm very pleased with the things I came up with for the campaign. Even now, former members of the group speak fondly about the campaign itself, even though they were among the most vocal opponents of the system. I was burned out on 3.5, so I had no desire to convert, and by the time it had occurred to me to explore the older editions (which was in January of 2009), the group had already scattered to the four winds and the momentum seemed eternally lost.

Perhaps one day I'll bring that campaign back, using an old edition, or perhaps Savage Worlds, or maybe even one of the many fantasy games I've got on my shelf.

While removing my stuff from Obsidian Portal, I was struck with the vague notion that I should learn how to use it better and perhaps give it a whirl for my current campaign (or one I may run in the near future.) Any Portal users out there care to tell me if it's worth the time to learn it?


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  2. I don't know about Obsidian Portal but I sure like my own Campaign Wiki site, where all of my campaigns have a separate wiki, where we post characters, session summaries, notes on NPCs, locations, magic items, and so on. Keeping stuff on a site – any site, Wiki, blog, or forum – is great while you game and I also like to look back at past campaigns. To be honest, I mostly go back for old maps or characters, not so much for the session reports. In short, I think it's worth the time to learn more about some site to use, Obsidian Portal or other.

  3. The trickiest thing I find is keeping all the players onboard with using the site as a resource. All too often I have found (as both GM and player) that the use of Obsidian Portal is taken up with great commitment initially but tails off very rapidly.

    One tack I am taking with my new Savage Worlds game is to designate one player as journal keeper, one as cartographer etc