Friday, March 26, 2010

Online B/X Continues

A few notes about today's game:

1. I keep forgetting that treasure is the way to go in older editions of D&D... a medusa is worth 175 xp. Yes, that means a party of five is going to get 35 xp each for a monster that has not one, but two save-or-die attacks.

...however, that Treasure Type F that she's guarding could potentially level your party, if you can find a way to haul it all back to the surface.

2. Skype is kind of fickle. It held out pretty well today, with only one instance where we had to disconnect and restart the call.

3. Now that I own B/X, many of the blog titles around here make a lot more sense, particularly Ode to Black Dougal and "It's Okay, Gary Sent Us." (The latter I had just assumed was a reference to old school play in general, not a specific reference to the Red Book.)

4. While I will no longer have weekdays off until summer time, (and hopefully then I will be teaching summer school) I hope to continue my B/X game in some capacity, and to add some players who couldn't play during the days.

While spring break is nearly over, I do get to game at least once more... Sunday evening Deadlands continues.


  1. I hope my cautious play-style didn't bore you too badly.
    --Keeping the party of 0-level Men was a big priority with Yrnagen Blackbanner --that ole' softie. ;)

    Your play of Circian and Grig, too, were great fun. :)

    I was just telling my girlfriend about the anointed skeletal warrior and the dead Orc found in its place.
    --Likely one of the coolest, if not the coolest thing I've ever 'received' in a game.
    --Big points in my book, Ryan. :D

  2. --Keeping the party of 0-level Men [[alive]] was a big priority [...]

  3. I so wanted to be a part of the game. *sigh* Perhaps next time...

    Sorry I Missed It,

  4. TS- On the contrary, a cautious play style is what keeps low level characters alive. Plus, you weren't always cautious. (Hand to hand with a medusa, anyone?) Thanks again for the kind words!

    Flynn- Next time. You said you are available after 6.30pm, but I forget which time zone.
    There will be time aplenty for B/X online, methinks.

  5. I live in the Central Time Zone, and am available after 6:30pm on weeknights, except for Mondays and Wednesdays.

    Please keep me in mind for future sessions. I would definitely like to try this out.

    With Regards,

  6. on point 1: my players left behind about 120000GP because they forgot to look for treasures. And they wonder why they're still at about level 4.

    And yes, cautious means your 0-level character gets to survive to level 1, then 2, and so on. Except you have to be both cautious and driven to find treasure and bring it back :)

  7. I think I was able to furnish both the Tactical and Economic XPs to those (so-far) surviving 0-level NPCs.
    --I'm not certain, however, if I could have organised them or defended them better than I had, and that has remained with me.

    Rab will be missed. :)