Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Staying the Course

In the wake of the recent marathon of nastiness, lots of quality blogs are closing up shop or going on indefinite hiatus, some due to the nastiness, others for various personal reasons.

Save Vs. Poison ain't one of 'em.

I don't pretend to have a wide readership, nor do I think every entry is stuffed with insight and wit. However, I'm going to keep blogging on.

I hope that those who have quit will return someday, and relatively soon. For the meantime, as long as I still love tabletop games, unlucky adventurers will continue to save vs. poison.


  1. I hereby announce that I am closing my blog, for exactly 57 seconds, this coming Thursday night at 2:57 am.

    That is all.


  2. Come back Joe!

    I'm starting a petition to bring back the Joe...

    word ver: hiaters - people who hate it when bloggers go on hiatus.

  3. *sniff, sniff*

    That's the best news I've heard all day. Well, that and Joe's blog coming back after being gone for so long. You guys are the greatest!

    Seriously, "In Like Flynn" is staying the course right there beside ya, me and my one commentator. (Thanks, Paladin!) :)


    wv: expeti - Those who would have petitioned to bring back Joe's blog. Ex. As an expeti, I am filled with elation that Joe's blog has returned.

  4. Would any of you fine people care to shed some light on this "nastiness" I've heard about the past couple of days? All I've heard about is the nastiness itself, not WHAT the nastiness exactly is.

    I guess I don't frequent the right wretched hives of scum & villany...

  5. I must admit that I'm pretty surprised and disappointed about the reaction some are having to an internet spat.

    I must admit that I'm shocked that some are pulling existing content while reacting badly. I mean no personal disrespect to those involved, but deleting entire blogs is horribly bad form.

  6. Good news.

    I think the only thing that can get you to quit is when you grow weary of your raving fans.


    I wonder if the OSR blogacalypse is due to the general age and decency of participants.

    Fo us kids, we know full well that the internet is full to the bring with bullshit, dickwads, trolls, and porno. If someone or soemthing ticks you off, ignore it because any other route lies madness.

  7. @Flynn- Right on, man.

    @Devil's Janitor- I think you're actually a better person for not knowing.

    @Kilgore- Yeah, you'd think spats would be part and parcel to everyone now, with the whole faustusnotes thing, and the recurring Ascending vs. Descending Armor Class (my personal favorite, that) and so on.

    @Emonator- Ha, when I get some raving fans we'll see. :)

  8. does twirling around glowsticks and listening to techno music while I read your blog making me a raving fan?

  9. Josh...

    Because I cannot embed this in a comment: